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Internship Program Development

As Program Coordinator for UD's Museum Studies Program and Internship Coordinator for UD's History Department, I worked with students every day looking for exciting professional experience in the field. I also began training cultural institutions on how best to develop an internship program that can benefit both the site and students.

Strategic Planning

I have been an active participant and leader in strategic planning at most organizations I have worked and volunteered at. In my role at the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs I was part of the planning committee and take a leadership role in the implementation of the completed plan. 

At Greenbank Mill & Phillips Farm every board member worked hard to help move this site forward. In this new climate, I lead a strategic planning process which included developing a new educational engagement strategy, rebranding, and new membership and sponsorship programs.

Leadership Training

I have a passion for leadership training. In my role at the Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs I have created several trainings for internal and external professionals, and the community. As part of my work with the Delaware Museum Association, I help create informative trainings for small museum professionals.

I am also an active speaker at the Small Museum Association Conference on various topics, and heavily active in the Boy Scouts of America (Baltimore Area Council) with special focus on leadership and DEAI training development and execution. 

To learn more about these or other projects contact me.
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